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Power to Voices, our safe space

In a shrunk online world, where freedom of expression, and the ability to discuss and debate complex topics, are under threat from censors, harassers, and trolls online, we choose to come together in a safe space to continue amplifying our voices, organizing, building movements, and uniting our struggles for a just world.

Non negotiables

We encourage everyone here to be brave, and courageous. To speak their minds without fear of repercussions. Because we promote gender inclusivity and respect, we want to ensure that everyone who joins this platform feels at ease and safe sharing their opinions. However, we do not tolerate harassment or discrimination, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, religion, or any other factor.

We wish for everyone joining this space to feel welcome and supported at all times. To make this possible, we have aligned non-negotiables that we expect everyone who joins us to abide by.

Non negotiables

Become part of us!

Becoming part of Power to Voices is an exciting way to meet new people with similar minds to your own, and to support important causes. As we maneuver the various forms of injustice we face every day, it is comforting to know that we are not alone, even when censorship is very real and ever-present, especially in the online world. When we find others who share our views and make our voices heard, it can empower us to fight against what we feel is wrong in our world. We do this through;

Amplyifying voices

We all have a voice, but how do we use it? A stronger voice comes from solidarity and collective action. Let's all amplify each other's voices and create a more inclusive society for stronger movements

Enhancing safety while here

As we come here for a safe space to continue engaging as activists, it is important that we take measures to ensure the safety of our digital environment. On our side, we have various sets of measures to protect the platform from several potential threats or attacks and we keep reviewing this periodically. We also encourage users to take their own measures, such as using strong passwords that are difficult to guess or brute-force, avoiding sharing personal information on public forums or chat rooms, and being cautious when clicking on links from unknown sources. Most importantly, please report any suspicious activity or potential security breaches to the administrators immediately. By adopting these measures, we can help maintain a safe and secure space for activism online. This way, we can protect both ourselves and our fellow activists from any potential dangers online. We have incorporated two-factor authentication to add another layer of safety from your side, please make use of this feature to further improve the security of your account.

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Mutual capacity strengthening

In our safe space, we prioritize collective learning and work together to develop our skills as activists. Power to Voices is a diverse platform, and we all bring different experiences and perspectives to the table. In order to make meaningful change in the world, we must be strong as individuals and empowered as a collective, the reason we encourage various forms of learning. We learn from experiences, we learn from stories, and here, we also bring you a vast collection of resources for further learning.

Let's share our various learnings, resources, best practices, strategies, and more with each other so that collectively we may strengthen and develop our collective capacities!

Share campaigns with campaigners for global solidarity

Campaigns bring us together in our various struggles for social justice. We welcome those who share our values and common goals into our various advocacy initiatives. They take up our cause and represent it to the world, amplifying our message, because they identify with us, they support us, and we must support them as well. The objective, however, is to mobilize people to take action rather than simply generate support.

Let us, therefore, come together in a place where we can share campaigns and collaborate to make a bigger impact for our causes!

Building and strengthening movements

We live in a world where discrimination and inequality are rampant. From vulnerable groups of rights holders to activists fighting for their rights, others fighting against bad governance, but above all fighting for social justice creates a need for us to come together and build movements that unite us, movements that hold solidarity and rally each other as we strengthen existing ones through various networks, connections, campaigns and resource sharing. As we do so, we also become more informed and better informed about issues that we face daily and the actions we can take to make a difference, as we learn from one another.

Let's join forces to envision a just world for all.